Easy Hide IP یک برنامه قوی برای مخفی و تغییر دادن ip شما در دینترنت است كه این برنامه از برنامه معروف Hide IP Platinum عملكردی بهتری دارد.با این برنامه ip شما را از دست بكدورها مخفی كرده و هم چننین میتونید در صورت ممونع شدن برای ورود به سایتها از این برنامه فقط با یك كلیك استفاده كنید

(برای دانلود به ادامه مطلب مراجعه کنید)

Easy-Hide-IP protects your identity by replacing your real IP address with a different one. You will appear to access the internet from a different location, not your own. Your real location is never revealed. 

You can bypass virtually any form of censorship or internet traffic blocking imposed on you by your ISP, by your company, or by some other third parties. All your internet traffic is routed through remote servers. On your ISP's log file, only the IPs of the remote servers will be shown, not the sites you have visited. 

You do not need to worry about your ISP or some other Entities monitoring your internet activities, see what you are doing, which Newsgroups, Blogs or Forums you have visited and which messages you have posted